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Aims and scope

Algerian Journal of Environmental Science and Technology is an international, peer-reviewed research journal which publishes original research contributions to scientific knowledge to promote the theory and practice of environmental science and technology, innovation, engineering and management. 

Algerian Journal of Environmental Science and Technology is intended to provide rapid publication of new developments in the field of pollution and environmental technology. The journal has an international readership with a relatively broad scientific base. Contributions will be accepted from scientists and engineers in industry, government and universities. Accepted manuscripts are generally published within four months.

Algerian Journal of Environmental Science and Technology seeks to publish papers that are particularly significant and original. The types of fields published in the research section are applied environmental studies, including environmental engineering, environmental biotechnology, municipal and industrial waste management, air and water pollution control, solid waste management, industrial hygiene and associated technologies.

All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found appropriate for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert scientists referees who assess the significance, originality, and validity of the work, as well as its appropriateness for publication

Coverage area

o    All aspects of Environmental physics,

o    Basic and applied research on atmospheric,

o    Terrestrial and aquatic environments pollution control and abatement technology,

o    Environmental health study and toxicology,

o    Environmental quality assessment,

o    Environmental standards and criteria

o    Environmental impact and risk assessment

o    Pollution

o   Environmental studies using Electrochemical process

  • Published 3 times a year in last week of April, August, December
  • International peer reviewed
  • Free submission and publication
  • Free access
  • Publisher papers, in English, French or Arabic languages.


Evaluating and Determining of heavy metals in the atmospheric dust by using statistical methods (PCA and CA)

A. Aghaei., H. Khademi

Algerian J. Env. Sc. Technology, 2:3 (2016) 6-16

Abstract  [PDF]

Full Text [PDF]

Full Text [PDF]

Degradation of Chlorpyrifos-Ethyle by Gamma Radiation

H Meguenni., M. Mahlous ., S.Zoubiri ., H. Meguenni ., M. Mahlous., S. Zoubiri

Algerian J. Env. Sc. Technology, 2:3 (2016) 23-30

F. Boumechhour., R. Kerbachi.,  A.E. Rechoum ., M.S. Benmenni

Algerian J. Env. Sc. Technology, 2:3 (2016) 31-39

Abstract [PDF]

Full Text [PDF]

Synthesis of 1, 3-oxathiolanes without use of organic solvent at room temperature. Remarkable functional selectivity

F. Dokari., M. Hammadi., N.  Benferrah.,D.  Villemin

Algerian J. Env. Sc. Technology, 2:3 (2016) 40-47

Abstract [PDF]

Full Text [PDF]

Les hydrotalcites et leurs applications dans l’environnement

S. Hamouda.,  S. Bouteraa., A. Bahmani.., N.  Bettahar

Algerian J. Env. Sc. Technology, 2:3 (2016) 55-61

Abstract [PDF]

Full Text [PDF]

Etude des Paramètres Environnementaux sur la Croissance de "Saccharomyces Cerevisiae" Isolée de Rebuts de Dattes

 S. Chibi., S.  Rabet., D. El-Hadi

Algerian J. Env. Sc. Technology, 2:3 (2016) 62-69 

Abstract [PDF]

Full Text [PDF]

2017 Special Issue on ‘Séminaire National sur l’Eau et l’Environnement’   SN3E1-2017  


Prof. Dr. Ahmed KETTAB 
The National Polytechnic School, Algeria

Ecole Nationale Polytechnique - Algérie

[email protected]  

OLIVER Jean Louis

Secrétaire Général Académie de l’Eau – France

Guest editors


Univ. Torino,  Turin, Italy

[email protected]

Prof.  MANDI  Laila.

Univ. Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco

[email protected]

Prof.  SAFI Mohamed

Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieur, Tunis, Tunisia

[email protected]

Prof. MAHDI Tewfik

Polytechnique de Montréal Canada

[email protected]

Dr. MAAZOUZI Abdelhak

Université Tahri Med Béchar – Algeria

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Key dates

Deadline for full paper submission:  31 March 2017
Publication of Special Issue: August  2017

For more information please contact:  

 Prof. Dr. Ahmed KETTAB 

The National Polytechnic School, Algeria

Ecole Nationale Polytechnique - Algérie

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